Boomerang Moving & Storage’s Sustainability Plan

Summary of Boomerang Storage’s Sustainability Program

Our company’s foundation was built on values which distinguish and guide our actions. From Boomerang Storage’s inception in 2008, we have always understood that we have a great responsibility to do our part to the best of our ability to protect the environment and benefit the communities we serve in the process. Every year we strive to be more environmentally responsible than past years. Below is a summary of some actions we take, future goals and some new ideas.

What Boomerang is currently doing on the sustainability front

  • Our boxes are recycled cardboard. The vendor we purchase our cardboard boxes has a great sustainability policy in effect.
  • We strongly encourage having us conduct storage and shipping pickups and deliveries in bulk over one day to reduce fuel emissions. We have the capability to perform hundreds of student storage and shipping pickups or deliveries per day with an extremely efficient crew via bulk pickups. This method minimizes vehicles on the road which reduces our carbon footprint. In past years, storage and shipping pickups were mostly by appointment which meant we had to operate numerous vehicles on the road. Most schools we serve have moved away from the per student appointment method in favor of bulk pickups and deliveries.
  • We can pick up and recycle all cardboard boxes after student’s have unpacked for a reasonable fee.
  • We ship packages for students and donate $.40 per package to UPS’s Carbon Offset program.
  • Our office and storage facility is located in a 32,500 square foot facility.  We recently have replaced all HVAC equipment yielding excellent energy efficient ratings for our building. Furthermore, we contracted with MassSave to update our insulation which will provide excellent energy usage savings for decades to come.
  • Our oldest trucks are from 2015 and we have a vehicle maintenance plan in place to make sure they are always operating at maximum efficiency. As our trucks phase out, adoption of electric/hybrid vehicles is a major part of our sustainability goal.
  • From simple things like encouraging our employees to fill up their water bottles at our water stations rather than use plastic bottles to recycling all cardboard and plastic, to using our recycling center’s green bag program, our actions represent the way we feel about efforts needed to create a sustainable environment.

Future Goals

  • To replace our trucks as economically feasible with the most fuel efficient, carbon neutral, moving trucks on the market as they become available.
  • To implement a donation option on our website where our customers can opt to donate to an (legitimate) organization that truly helps to offset carbon emissions. We have thousands of students and parents that sign up through Boomerang Storage’s web portal every year which could potentially submit donations that we could pass on to the right organization(s). This is something we are currently working on.
  • We are willing to donate a portion of our sales generated at your school to an existing program or project of your choice which aids in making your campus a net zero campus.